Monday, August 10, 2009

Sue Your College?

I don't generally get too worked up about stories in the news, but this one is just ridiculous. There is a girl in New York suing Monroe College because she has now been out of school for three months and hasn't found a job. She says the school isn't supporting her in their career placement department and wants her entire $72,000 in tuition back plus $2,000 for her pain and suffering.

Ethics aside let's fast forward a few months here. You are a potential employer. You have this girls resume, with her 2.7 GPA, in front of you and are thinking about hiring her. You google her name and what pops up? A million articles about how she sued her undergraduate program for not getting her a job.

I don't even think I would waste my time mailing her a rejection letter. If she will sue her college, she will certainly sue her employer.

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