Friday, August 28, 2009

Last Night's Run

So after swinging by my mom's house last night to pick up a chair for my camping trip this weekend I decided I wanted to go for a run. And I really felt energetic so I decided to do the route from my house to the Sonic on Battlefield Blvd. It's about 4.5 miles round trip, so I usually walk the first .25 mile to warm up and last .25 mile to cool down.

The first 2.75 miles goes great. I get a good warm up and slowly run my way to Sonic. At Sonic I stretch, turn around and head back home, still feeling good. I make it about half a mile and the sky opens up. And I don't mean a little bit of rain, I mean RAIN. The kind you don't like driving in. The kind that soaks through all of your clothes so that when you run your shoes make squishy noises. And I still have 1.25 miles to go.

My first thought is "Save the Ipod!" so I take it off, wrap it tightly in my arm band and hold it as protected as I can in my hand. Water + IPOD= expensive disaster.

It took me about 15 minutes to get home with my squishy shoes, water running in my eyes and sticky clothes. When I walked in my living room, dripping on my concrete floor, Bella took one look at me and ran off. I guess I looked scary!

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J. Money said...

wow, good for you! I love it when I'm not too lazy to run :) which is like twice a year unfortunately...