Monday, August 17, 2009

Do You Have a Dream?

This morning as I was riding to work a guy in a blue car pulled up next to me. He had a large piece of paper in his hand and written in big black letters was "Do You Have a Dream?" He held it up to his window so I could read it. I laughed, nodded yes and he smiled and drove on. It was so quick the woman in the car with me didn't even notice.

I thought about it more when I came into work. I think one of the reasons I may often feel stressed is that I do have dreams. Lots of them. And I am working toward 5 big ones right now:

1- Finish graduate school (projected date of graduation December 2009)

2- Pay off only credit card (projected date of completion May 2010- although a good tax return or a few new voice students could move this up)

3- Get published- I actually have two options for that. I have started shopping around my short story to see if anyone is interested. The other option is that my final project for graduate school. It is a thesis created for the purpose of publication in a academic journal. Hopefully one or the other will come through soon.

4- OKLAHOMA! Little Theater of Virginia Beach has auditions on September 14th for Oklahoma. I would like to get cast as one of the lead characters- there are several female parts so we will just have to see!

5- Run the WHOLE 10k on Halloween! Mom, Missy and I are participating in a 10k down at the ocean front. I want to run the whole thing- even if I am REALLY slow!

As things get accomplished, I always seem to add a new dream to the list. It will fun to look back this time next year and see how far I have come!

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