Monday, August 31, 2009

Book Review #2: "Let Go" by Sheila Walsh

The second book I reviewed for Thomas Nelson publishers was "Let Go" by Sheila Walsh. Back when I was a kid she was a recording artist and on the 700 Club, so I knew some of her background but was interested in reading her book, especially since one of my good friends just saw her speak at the "Women of Faith" conference. I have to admit though, this was a very long, tedious, cumbersome read for me. I have several friends that I feel would probably enjoy it very much- one of whom I have passed it along to. I promise if she likes it, I will post her positive review. Walsh does a great job starting each chapter with a story from her life which were always entertaining- kind of making me hope she has a biography out there I can grab at some point.

The book is about looking forward in spite of your past. I feel like shelves in Christian bookstores are FULL of these books- Beth Moore, Liz Curtis Higgs... many authors have hit on this topic. Which means that people must need to read the content but having read so many others along the same thread it makes the chapters seem long and redundant. It's also a very emotional book, so sometimes the text felt more like ideas than actual practical content. Overall I feel like the book would have been great for another reader...just not me.

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