Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh Yes It's Ladies Night!

So Friday night was girls night at Laura and TJ's house (they were both out of town so we took over!) When I walked in Alicia was finishing her trifle. No, it was not the recipe from "Friends." It has strawberries and bananas in it and it was wonderful!

Heather had made seven layer dip and it looked so good I had to take a picture of it too!

Then I took a picture of it after we ate as much as we could! We kind of made a mess.

Alicia was impressed with it too!

Alicia and Heather get the drinks out of the fridge. Laura and TJ's dog, Bea, supervises to make sure they are doing everything properly!

While all of this was going on, Crystal was cooking enchiladas in the kitchen. They were taking forever!

But they were worth the wait. We ate all of them!

Then it was time to play Harry Potter clue. I was Luna Lovegood, which made me very happy!

While we played Hedwig watched over us to make sure we didn't cheat. She is such a good owl!

After dinner was over, we sat down and watched "Eureeka" which I had DVR'd while we were playing. I was happy I got to watch it!

Overall it was a great night. It's been a long time since just the girls hung out! Thanks Crystal for setting everything up and TJ and Laura for letting us hang out!

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