Monday, August 31, 2009


My camera was MIA for the bulk of the weekend, but I did get a few pics! This is one of the cabins we stayed in. It's called an A frame and is tiny but has everything you need!

This was our fire pit. The fire burned all weekend courtesy of the guys chopping wood and keeping it going. That tent in the back is where my friends Brad and Andrea stayed while they were there. It was the first time that tent had ever camped, so they decided to use it instead of a cabin.

This was the night we got there. Everything had been packed in the back of Tim's truck, so we unloaded it. We were supposed to be there when it was light but we stopped on the way to the campground to help a guy out of a ditch. Tim's 4WD was enough to pull that tiny little Celica out.

On Sunday afternoon, we loaded up the truck and headed back home. Overall it was a great weekend. No one got really injured, there were no fights and everyone seemed to have a good time! Hopefully if I ever go camping again I will have my camera the whole time and can take many more pictures!

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