Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Singing at the Fight

5 years ago I had never sung the National Anthem at a public event- besides "White Men, White Meat"- which was an Atlantic Shores sanctioned event. My first ever big public performance was for the Globe Trotters in the Constant Center in Norfolk. That place is amazing to sing in and, ironically, I got that gig from singing on the radio during the morning show on 94.9 The Point. That was really cool.

There are a million people in Hampton Roads who want to sing and after the acoustics in Harbor Park singing for the Tides, I decided to cool off with the sporting event singing.

Yet today my phone rings and Elaine Varner, who organizes the local "King of the Ring" fights is asking me to come sing for the third time. Everything in me wanted to tell her no, since I am not actually going to the fight this time, but I couldn't do it. So Saturday night I will be back in the big metal cage, singing the National Anthem again.

I wonder if you can make a living just singing the National Anthem? Especially if you know the first TWO verses?

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