Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Famous Aunts

In case you live under a rock and haven't heard, I am going to be an aunt sometime around December/January. Since I am a student, I thought I would look back at some of the great aunts on television and see what lessons I can learn from them!

Auntie Em (The Wizard of Oz)- Auntie Em taught Dorothy some valuable life lessons: always go under ground during a tornado, don't go wandering off by yourself or some gypsy might tell you your future... I bet she even taught her how to sing. Plus, when Dorothy woke up, Auntie Em was right there to hold her hand on her trip back from Oz.

Next is Aunt Becky from "Full House" She helped the girls with their hair and talked to them about boys since their mom wasn't around. But even better, she demonstrated the lesson all girls at the time wanted to know: how to get John Stamos to marry you. If you get a lucky, you get to move into the attic with Uncle Jesse, and all his hair gel.

Last but certainly not least is Monica Gellar. When her nephew Ben was born she said "Hi. I'm your Aunt Monica. I will always have gum." I almost never have gum but I will try to get a video game in my living room so my nephew or niece can come over and play. And I will find some secret recipe from Nest-le Toul-House so I can make great chocolate chip cookies (only when their mom says I can though).

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