Monday, June 15, 2009

CHKD Run/Walk for Kids

Saturday morning was the Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughters 8k race. I ran this race last summer with Missy and was running it this summer with Mom (Missy had to sit out due to my future niece or nephew). Last summer it was a great race- perfect weather, lots of water, smaller crowd. Good times.

This summer was completely different. It started with them losing my registration, so I didn't get a t-shirt. As ridiculous as it sounds- the t-shirts are part of the reason I run the races! And there were 2,000 more people this year than last year- they were not prepared for that either.

Then we started about 20 minutes late- which is alot of waiting around in the heat. And its HOT- much hotter than last year. We finally get going and as we reach the one mile point I am REALLY excited about the upcoming water station. I come around the corner to where it was last year and BOOM- NO WATER STATION! And since the one mile and four mile mark are the same place (the course is a loop) that means there will be no water at the four mile mark either.

Before I hit the 2 mile mark I had seen two people needing assistance from the heat. And at about two miles I start walking- I was not feeling all that great. As I approached our only water station, they are dumping water out of the bottom of the coolers. They are almost out of water, and there are several hundred people behind me! So I grabbed a cup of luke warm water, chugged it down and started running again.

When I finally finished I did not feel well at all. Some people looked great and some people looked awful. I had to leave really soon after I finished to go teach (if we had started on time I wouldn't have had that problem) so I don't think I really cooled down properly. Needless to say I took a LONG nap on Saturday.

The conclusion- No CHKD race for me next year. We are going to have to stick with spring and fall races.

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