Thursday, June 4, 2009

Peaking in High School

Think back to high school. Remember those kids who were popular but treated everyone else like crap? I didn't watch 90210, but I remember the character of Brenda being that way. And I know for a fact Shannon Doherty is. She got fired off of two shows for just being too much of a pain.
Last night one of my voice students came in upset. After talking about her issues, she mentioned that someone had told her these were the best years of her life. I assured her that they were not, that much better times were coming. That when she is a litle bit older and more independent, her level head would help her succeed.
But what about those people that high school WAS the best years of their life? The ones who discovered popularity wasn't going to get them by in college, or that drinking habit that make them popular in high school is considered a liability in the real world? The ones who ended up miserable who always look back on high school cheer leading or prom as the epitome of their existence.
I can't help but look back at them in my pettiness and feel a little bit of satisfaction. They were the kids who called me "four eyes", knocked my books out of my arms in the hall ways and tried to cheat off of me in class. They are the guys who would talk to me in class when they needed help, but wouldn't even make eye contact with me in the hall lest their friends know we had spoken.
And now they aren't happy. Some of them are, don't get me wrong. But the ones who truly peaked in high school spend alot of their time looking in the rear view mirror. I am happy to be one of the ones staring out the windshield. God has alot of great things in store for me. I don't want to waste any time looking at the past.

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