Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Book Review- Max Lucado "Fearless"

Let me start by saying that this is a great book. It's one of the most relevant things I have read in a long time without actually being a book about politics or the recession. I don't generally think of myself as a fearful person. This book reminded me that fear comes in a lot of different flavors, often disguising itself as worry... which is something I do alot.

But more powerfully it reminded that me that God doesn't want me to fear. The story that Lucado highlights in the beginning is of the disciples on the boat with Jesus. The wind and waves get out of control, and the experienced sailors try everything that they can to get things under control. When they have exhausted their efforts, they finally cry out. We often do the same thing. We try every alternative possible before finally crying out to God to save us from the mess we are in. God wants to be our first thought- not an after thought.

Of Christ's 125 imperatives issued while he is on earth, 21 of them are related to us as believers NOT fearing. The second most common command only appears 8 times. Statistically it must be very important that we not fear.

But more importantly, fear affects our relationship with God. Lucado uses the word "corrodes." We fear because we don't trust. And it amazes me to think that I might not fully trust the Creator of the Universe.

None of the other books I have reviewed before have I recommended. I think this is a great book. I didn't expect anything less from Max Lucado but he surpassed my expectations.

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