Monday, September 21, 2009

All Access 5 k

I love new races. My sister and I (and on occasion my mom) run races around the area (everything from 5k to marathons- thought only my sister does the marathon type races). And while you would think the races that have been around for a while would be the favorites, I really like the new ones.

Missy and I ran in the All Access 5k on Sunday morning. This race is at the Virginia Beach Amphitheatre. The weather was really nice and the course was pretty flat. Part of it was running through the parking lot (which I hated) but running through the actual amphitheater and the area around it was nice.

Afterwards there was Red Bull and Mexican food. Also we got to go back stage and see the dressing rooms at the amphitheatre where all of the celebrities have been. My sister rocked it out and finished in great time, it was not one of my better races. But I ran the whole thing and feel confident that when the 10k I am running on Halloween comes around I will be able to run it.

But here is the really great thing about new races-- they are small. There were only about 25 people in my age group, as compared to the several hundred people in my age group when I ran the Shamrock 8k.

My sister likes the pomp and circumstance of the big race, but I like not having to walk a mile to my car after running 5. I like not waiting in huge lines for food. And I liked the time to myself to just run, instead of tripping over those around me.

Regardless the exercise is great and I love spending time with my sister, so it's a win-win. And maybe next year we can run it with a stroller!

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