Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm a Netflix Moron

I love Netflix. It's a bill I gladly pay every month. And I usually go through about 6 DVDs a month, so in my opinion it's money well spent.

So last night I grabbed my pretty red envelope out of my mailbox. After shedding my jacket and dropping my bags, I opened it to reveal my new DVD- Ally McBeal Season 2 Disc 1. Having just finished Season 1 I was excited to keep going.

I push the button to open the DVD player and out in the tray comes Ally McBeal Season 1 Disc 6. I stared at it: Didn't I just send this DVD to Netflix? I only get one at a time- how have I managed to fool these people and get two DVDs at once?

I realize- I sent them the wrong DVD. I had looked at the name on the envelope and slipped in the wrong DVD. I must have sent them one of my personal ones. I look around- nothing I have been watching of late seems to be missing.

Then I look over at my DVDs that I have from the library. Yep, one of them is missing.


So today I had to call Netflix and get it straightened out. Fortunately, because the DVD from the library has writing on it, it should not be too hard for them to find. Still, my pride is wounded.


Jonathan and Missy Wetherington said...

My friend Faith did the same thing, but they never recovered her DVD. Hopefully they will find yours so you won't have to pay for the library DVD!

Take Me Back to VA said...

That, is amazingly unfortunate. And hysterically funny.