Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The first week

So the first week of on-line dating has lead to the following conclusions:

1. People do not have friends who proof read their dating profiles. I have NEVER seen spelling like this from grown ups.

2. Do not put pictures with your ex cropped out. It's tacky.

3. If in your preferences you put do not want kids, don't put anything in your profile about the children you already have.

4. Don't be surprised if someone 20 years younger than you thinks that the age difference is an issue.

5. The questionaire at the beginning was incredibly long but very accurate. However I think they left out one vital question- cat or dog?

As far as the guys I have met, I have been matched with about 17 guys. Many of them had kids (which is a no for me), some of them were 15 years older than me and I also had to eliminate anyone who lives somewhere freezing cold. So that left 2 both of which I started communication with and then someone ended that after a series of questions were answered- one me and one him.

So after one week, I haven't found someone yet. But I look forward to seeing who the computer gods match me with tomorrow.

1 comment:

Adam and Jessica said...

So you get new matches each week? Interesting:) About the spelling...I actually have an aunt who has made her own business out of writing people profiles with them. funny huh?!