Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Before the U2 concert

Last week some friends and I headed to Charlottesville for the U2 concert! It was unbelievable! I finally got my pictures from the camera to the computer so here they are:

Alicia used to live there so she took me to the downtown mall for a late lunch. It's a beautiful area.

The town was definately ready for the concert! Most of the people downtown were talking about the concert, wearing U2 t-shirts or complaining about the anticipated traffic of the evening. I heard lots of people speaking different languages and ALOT of British accents (which are my favorite!) There were some great little shops downtown as well. We ate at an Italian place outside and waited for some friends to meet up with us. Then we went to the hotel, cleaned up and walked to the show! I will post some pics of the show in just a little bit!

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