Friday, May 29, 2009

What Not To Wear

I don't watch "What Not to Wear" unless NCIS, Law & Order, Burn Notice or CSI don't happen to be running reruns (and good luck finding a time when THAT isn't happening). But tonight WNTW is going to be doing their first celebrity make-over on Mayim Bialik. For those of you are who are my age, you will remember her as "Blossom." Even in the early 90's I remember her character being kind of over the top in the clothing department, so you can't really hold it against the girl if her fashion sense is a little off. I just saw her recently on an episode of "Bones" and she did a great job. But I thought it would be interesting to see what she's done since she was on the sitcom.

She was accepted to both Harvard and Yale, but decided to stay out west, so she went to UCLA. She has been married for 7 years and has two young sons. She plays piano, trumpet and bass guitar and is currently finishing her Ph.D in Neuroscience. And in spite of the fact that she refuses to wear pants or leather (which made it more challenging for the hosts), she is happy with the make over's results. Just like the rest of us who need make overs, she knows it. Mad props to her for stepping up and getting a new look! I'd get one too if someone else was willing to pay for it! :) She is going to be guest starring on some television shows over the next year or so, so maybe I catch a new pic of her at some time and post it.

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Codie Lyn said...

Go, Mayim! You breastfeed in public, AND you're wearing your infant! So what if you're clothes aren't the greatest.... looks like you're giving your little one a great start! :)