Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Minnesota Trip

Some of you know, I went to Minnesota this weekend to see my friends Bob and Emera get married. Here were a few of the highlights of the trip:

- Sitting in the Newport News airport from 6:00 - 10:45. Have you ever been to the Newport News Airport? There is ONE restuarant, two televisions, three vending machines and four gates. There is NOTHING in that airport. As a result of our delay, we landed at the Minneapolis, St. Paul airport at 4 a.m., picked up our rental car and drove to the Holiday Inn we had for the night where I slept for a whopping 1.5 hours before I had to get up to head to Bob's place in Long Prairie.

- I picked green beans out of a back yard garden and ate some of them raw.

- I was the adult driver for a 15 year old with a learner's permit. For the first time ever, I felt like an adult. (We did not get in a wreck or get a ticket.)

- Heather Perry and I got to play with a waterfall.

- I went through a town called Brainerd. At 11 p.m., after 1.5 hours of sleep, that was hilarious.

- Out the back door of the cabin we stayed in, I had a spectacular view of Lake Superior.

- I ate Wild Rice Pancakes.

- I ran along the shore of a lake.

- I sang outside at a wedding with a guitar player who forgot every chord in the song and admitted it to me after we were finished.

- The girl who sat next to me on the final leg of the flight had just been mauled by a cougar three days before. Her stomach and her legs were covered in stitches and bandages. Needless to say, we talked the whole hour and a half until the plane landed.

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